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It’s important to note that exercise is only ONE small contributing factor to the complete puzzle for overcoming Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and other sex problems.

This will enhance rather than eliminate the main reasons for your failure.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or are unable to reach orgasm, it’s important that you reach a higher level of fitness than you currently have.

This is also a requirement for you to become a healthier human being.

Male or female, your PC muscle (pelvic floor muscle) can be easily identified by flexing your penis or vagina.

Flexing is what you do to stop the flow of urine midstream, or to hold urine in when you need to pee. Contract, keep the muscles contracted for the count of five, then relax those muscles.

Kegel Exercises are not the best treatment for premature ejaculation!

However, a slight modification to a common Kegel exercise can make it become more beneficial in overcoming PE and ED.

Use these three best exercises to improve sexual function and as part of your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction treatment program:1.This helps you feel less lethargic and have more energy for sex.Rebounding on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes, twice a day will do wonders for your overall health.These best exercises to improve sexual function are aimed at redeveloping your groups of muscles directly involved in the sexual act.Increasing the health of your sex muscles can naturally increase blood flow and can lead to improving your sexual performance.

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