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Is it possible that cleverbot can be put online (instead of being just a downloadable app), so that computer users, particularly English learners, can simply link to it and chat with it to improve their English? As the submitter answers these questions, the associated stored cases are re-scored, and more questions are returned. Hopefully, I'll regain consciousness in a new living organism on another planet or galaxy.

As the submitter answers more, a stored case becomes "the winner,” and increasingly more specific questions are sent back. My employers' software was used to provide call center reps with automated (and standardized) ways to answer callers’ questions. User: Would you like to explore the universe if you can live forever?

Probably some hairy guy eating salami and drinking something caffeinated, overseeing an app that would simply reply back to pigeons with built-in time delays. Personals (indicating they have the worst anti-bot security), and saw lots of bait on Match (the con artists invariably required you take the correspondence off-site). I feel weird that all I want to do is argue with it...

A gambit I got a lot was a girl who was foreign, said she was living in the US, but shortly after first contact would "return home" and her father's store would be trashed during riots, or some other catastrophe, and she claimed she was being held in a hotel with no money, an outstanding bill, and the hotel holding her passport. Here's a hypothesis: men would be much easier to fool with a chatbot than would women. User: Because a man made you, and you live on the internet. User: What does it feel like to live in the internet?

And Sherry Turkle of MIT helps tell the story of ELIZA, a program designed in the 1960s to mimic responses as though it were a therapist. It's perfect time to make some plans for the future and it's time to be happy.

At first, ELIZA's creator Joseph Weizenbaum thought the idea of a computer therapist was funny. I've read this post and if I may just I wish to suggest you some attention-grabbing things or advice. I'm not getting even the thinnest illusion of talking to a human.

But when his students and secretary started talking to it for hours, what had seemed to him to be an amusing idea suddenly felt like an appalling reality. User: The difference between perceptron and logistic regression. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. Bertie After listening to the Podcast, I pulled up Clever Bot. Says it all: User: Do you think most people understand that you can't hold an opinion as a robot? Cleverbot: Why don't you talk to me when you can make sense of yourself. User: It does make sense that women should have equal rights.

The last firm I worked out developed a "Contact Center" app in which call center reps could quickly generate an email response containing clarifying questions from stored cases that best matched the incoming e-mail. Bah, the rep simply clicked, edited a bit, and clicked “send.” Those girls who were engaging Robert? Doesn't seem to remember what it said to me two or three lines earlier. Cleverbot: What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? These cons were trying a fast-track to getting money out of me. I've long had a theory that men's "theory of mind", their ability to make inferences about others' mental states, simply shuts down in the presence of an attractive woman, literally "object-ifying" her. Oddly, when I'd respond, like say, "Funny, you claim there are riots in your city, but a search of local and international news turns up nothing. Cleverbot: I just don't pay attention to what you're saying. Robert Epstein saw a photo of an attractive woman, and, temporarily without a theory of mind, didn't investigate whether this seemed like a real person until later. Anybody who doesn't know what DOS is will only be confused by that claim. What about "DOS was an early text-based operating system." You do such great work most of the time, but good grief, that was rough. the quote at the end, "And we've got our programming, which is that we'll stare anything right in the eyes and say 'Hey!

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Let's connect, even if what's behind those eyes is a camera or a chip." couldn't be more true.

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