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Doroszewski pwn online dating

Meat stock is usually cooked for about two hours, whereas bone stock takes four to six hours to prepare.Meat and bones are usually removed afterwards and the meat is only added back into the soup about 10–15 minutes before the borscht is done.

Onions, carrots, parsley root, turnip and other root vegetables are sautéed (traditionally in animal fat, especially lard or butter) and then mixed with tomatoes or tomato paste. Potatoes and cabbage are boiled in the stock for about 15 minutes before the precooked vegetables are added.

This distinctive feature of borscht derives from the practice of slow cooking in the Russian oven (traditional masonry stove, used for both cooking and heating), wherein the differences in cooking times of individual ingredients had to be taken into account in order to ensure that all components reach doneness at the same time.

The importance of this method is reflected in the Russian language, where a variant in which all vegetables are added raw directly into the stock is referred to by the diminutive form Vegetables are usually julienned, except for potatoes and zucchini, which are diced.

Depending on the recipe, borscht may include meat or fish, or be purely vegetarian; it may be served either hot or cold; and it may range from a hearty one-pot meal to a clear broth or a smooth drink.

It is often served with smetana or sour cream, hard-boiled eggs or potatoes, but there exists an ample choice of more involved garnishes and side dishes, such as , that can be served with the soup.

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