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Efficiently updating materialized views dblp

IEEE Computer 29(5): 69-76 (1996)Lois Wright Hawkes, Sharon J. Rundensteiner: Individualized Tutoring Using an Intelligent Fuzzy Temporal Relational Database. Wellman: Toward Inquiry-Based Education Through Interacting Software Agents.As changes are made to the data sources, the warehouse views must be updated to reflect the changed state of the data sources. Citation Context ..four summary tables, each defined as a materialized SQL view.We assume that these views have been chosen to be materialized, either by the database administrator, or by using an algorithm such as =-=[HRU96]-=-.In this paper, we adopt the opposite stance and couple materialized view and index selection to take view-index interactions into account and achieve efficient storage space sharing.Candidate materialized views and indexes are selected through a data mining process.

Sisson Jr.: Learn Met: learning domain-specific distance metrics for plots of scientific functions. 35(1): 29-53 (2007)Karl Aberer, Zhiyong Peng, Elke A.

Sisson Jr.: Designing semantics-preserving cluster representatives for scientific input conditions.

Sisson Jr.: Apriori algorithm and game-of-life for predictive analysis in materials science.

group the base data along various dimensions, corresponding to different sets of group-by attributes, and compute various aggregate functions, often called measures.

As an example, the cube operator =-=[GBLP96]-=- can be used to define several such summary tables with one statement.

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Materialized views and indexes are physical structures for accelerating data access that are casually used in data warehouses.