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Real Nappy Association (tel: 02; gives sources of washable nappies and other advice.

For your nearest nappy washing service, contact National Association of Nappy Services (tel: 01).19.

Reduce - we produce around 28 million tonnes of household waste in the UK every year, 40% of which is paper. Oxfam (tel: 01865 311311 for nearest branch) and SCOPE (tel: 020 7619 7100) have second-hand shops for clothes and other items.

London Reuse Warehouse, tel: 020 7701 5707, takes computer equipment and art materials for reuse in schools. Recycle - the UK recycles only 9% of domestic waste, compared with Switzerland's 50% plus.

Suppliers of eco-friendly clothes include Planet Vision (tel: 020 7713 5575; and Greenfibres (tel: 01803 868001; Put the eco into home décor - toxins from paints and other building materials last for years.So use eco-friendly materials from Natural Building Technologies (01491 638911; ECOS Organic Paints (01539 732866) are solvent-free and include heritage and earth colours. Don't buy products made from an endangered species.The Ecological Design Association (01453 765575) has a directory of green designers and architects. Ivory, coral, tortoise and turtle-shell are taboo, as is the shatoosh (the fine shawl that has led to the demise of the Tibetan antelope).Free advice from Energy Efficiency Advice Centres (tel: 0800 512012) or at the Energy Saving Trust's website, 12.Buy recycled paper products to help increase the demand for waste paper, which will encourage more recycling schemes. Switch to an ethical insurance company that gives something back.

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Fit lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which last 8-10 times longer.

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