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Drumlins are characteristically long and rounded hills that indicate the direction of the moving ice.

For example, Ristinge on Langeland, Drejø, Avernakø and Birkholm are all drumlins.

About 6,000 years ago, the Fyn area began to tilt and the sea rose, which gradually resulted in the archipelago that we know today – a wide, low-level water area with 55 islands, both inhabited and uninhabited.Through the Cold War, it lost its significance as a coastal fort, and in 1981 the gun crews were stood down.The underground fort was converted in 1982-84 to incorporate a state-of-the-art maritime surveillance system and one of NATO’s most advanced operation rooms.Fort Stevns and Fort Langeland were built in order to control the Danish straits and access to the Baltic Sea.Fort Stevns cannons were capable of blocking passage through the Øresund and protecting the sea mine fields in the area, or could be deployed in defending against a landing at Køge Bay and Faxe Bay.

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Derudover har jeg også gjort mig nogle erfaringer inden for online dating.

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