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The clash of the titans took place in the capital of Cuba, Havana.Mikhail led after 7 matches, but eventually lost 6,,5.His superiors treated his voyages abroad with leniency, however, after his third trip, Mikhail handed in his resignation.Chigorin swiftly began to gather strength- soon he dared to challenge Schiffers to a match.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

One year later, there was an all-play-all tournament which brought together Russia’s 10 strongest chess players.

Chigorin beat Schiffers here as well and split first place with Semyon Alapin, whom he then beat in an additional competition.

The subsequent relationship between Alapin and Chigorin was difficult, and several years later Alapin was castigated by the Soviet chess school.

Chigorin criticised the ideas of his vis-à-vis in relation to the positioning of the knights on the edge of the board (9.

Kh3 and 7…Kh6), claiming that these variants are variants are incorrect.

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One day, Emanuel Schiffers- a regular visitor of Dominique and Russia’s strongest chess player- invited Chigorin to compete in an open tournament of a German chess convention.