Whmcs due date not updating

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In order to start, go to the Setup Domain Pricing.2. Here you can set up pricing for registering, transferring and renewing domains using created TLD. The Inter Net X Domain Plugin for WHMCS allows you to perform various actions on your client’s domains.

Fill TLD, choose additional features like DNS Management and select Inter Net X from Auto Registration dropdown menu if you wish a fully automated registration of your client's orders. In addition to basic actions (Register, Transfer, Renew and Modify Contact Details) you are able to carry out functions such as Get EEP Authinfo Code, Request Delete, Transfer OUT ACK and Transfer Out NACK.

Enter premium domain class names inside text fields and save them into database by clicking "Save" button: In "Configure Premium Domain Pricing" the user can only configure pricing for a one year period, because WHMCS does not allow users to register premium domains for longer than one year.

The only limitation here is you cannot change the first and last name.

Schlund Tech allows you to set up email forwarding if you have.

Difference between setting product for Sandbox and for production will be described in "Setting up products and pricings" section.

#####List of certificates supported in Sandbox: All of our certificates are supported in sandbox: Rapid SSL Cerificates: Note: Our ability to provide support to customers who use custom Technical Contact Fields is limited.

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Comodo SSL is a test product, it is included in the list of products, but it is not fully supported yet. Namecheap has a production as well as a test server environment. We urge you to test the module in our sandbox environment, before pointing it to production.

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