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They’re on first – get there right at 8 and you won’t be kicking yourself later!The handsomely dashing Cris Warren is an meteorologist expert.The white blonde face, dark blue eyes and a smile of distinctive splendor, he can conquer the hearts of the viewers from his outspoken talent and charm.It is said that whenever the media or the channel covers him shirtless, this hot and dashing hunk gets most views than any other weather reporter.Well known for his looks and the charismatic persona, he is also regarded as one of the great looking television meteorologist of his age.Through his strong point of view and enigmatic screen presence, he has left an undeniable mark on the small screen.Chris enjoys being outdoors and, when not at work, can be found hiking, snowboarding, throwing a football in the park, travelling or shooting photographs.

remember that consumer behaviour, the 4 p's etc ...This may be a bit off topic, but this my friend is the truth, whether a woman wants to admit it or not.If a woman doesn't find you attractive (by your photos in the least) than chances are no matter what you write, it still will not get you a response.I want to see that you can see humour and not take things so damned literally.That you can perhaps laugh at yourself, and string more than three sentences together WITH punctuation and correct spelling.

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Here's a tip: Write out a brief introduction of yourself, maybe 3 to 4 sentences of who you are.

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