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It felt like a full-body experience and I’d never really had that all over euphoric feeling before.There’s not often the freedom to explore what you really want sexually as a single woman without facing some kind of stigma or shame.Now, I do a lot of Skype with him [for the talking therapy] and go and see him once a month.What I learned The massage is really good and really enjoyable, but having someone who can explain why you do things and feel a certain way makes it great. I never would have gone on dates before, but now I do.He brought me to orgasm twice using his fingers again while I was on my back.I can’t remember which were vaginal, clitoral or combined but I do remember having a few orgasms.“I'd dome some work in the Middle East at a very hostile time and saw things that were quite traumatic.’ He just didn’t put in the time and effort I desired.So I researched Colin and asked him lots of questions before going for the 'Sensual Massage' [90 minutes for £185] in November 2015.

I never realised what good qualities I had before this." "I was at a party when I met a girl who told me about Colin and what he did, which I thought sounded really great.So I wanted to be pampered a bit and one of my fantasies was having a back massage and then making it more intimate.My FWB would be like, ‘I find the massage boring can we just do the intimate bit?The massage He started off with my back and neck and shoulders, then went down to my hips and obviously near my bottom.Then nearer and nearer the bottom and in between the legs.

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She said he was looking for volunteer receivers for a sensual massage workshop and I decided to do it.